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Our Vision – At Vibrant Rejuvenation, we support our founder’s philosophy that beauty has to be natural and beauty treatments should never be about completely altering one’s appearance. This is why our company believes in providing treatments, procedures and therapies which are meant to enhance your beauty not create it.

Our team is driven to exceed a client’s needs and focused on customer satisfaction. Based upon a client’s request, we can best direct the customer on a treatment type. Our business is built on taking a “noninvasive” approach and performing a natural treatment to achieve success. We are located in Commack of Long Island, New York. We offer everything ranging from Botox, to Dermal Fillers, to Vitamin IV Thearpy, Hair Restoration, Body Contouring Fat Burn and much more!


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Vibrant Rejuvenation – Our philosophy behind facial rejuvenation is to allow a client to look natural, not to completely change one’s facial recognition. We perform treatments that enhance beauty, not create it.

Leading our team is Natasha Copelin, a Nurse Practitioner who has built her career in working with some of the most experienced New York City doctors in the rejuvenation industry. To learn more, call Natasha directly at: (631) 486-8566. New York, Long Island, Commack.


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Long Island NY, medical spa cosmetic treatments performed by Natasha Copelin, MSN,RN,NP,AGNP, founder of Vibrant Rejuvenation – for your very own natural beauty enhancements.