Dermal Fillers

Rejuvenating Dermal Fillers Treatment

Dermal fillers are products that help add volume, firmness and suppleness to loose, sagging skin. Dermal fillers are injected into the skin to counteract the loss of volume caused by normal aging, gravity, sun exposure, smoking as well as other factors. Hydrophilic dermal fillers will allow the skin to take on more volume and look fuller; these dermal fillers will eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. In a normal setting. Ever wonder why women seem to age faster than men? Hyaluronic acid is what helps to make your skin look plump and firm and women lose this substance at least 33 percent faster than men resulting in loss of skin volume and elasticity.

Dermal fillers perform like hyaluronic acid because they are modified to produce a volume-enhancing effect that will last much longer than the naturally occurring substance. This allows individuals to counteract the normal signs of skin aging resulting in a younger appearance. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)


Choosing the Best Dermal Fillers

There are different dermal fillers available in the market today, including Restylane®, Juvederm®, Perlane®, Radiesse®, and Sculptra®. Each of these products has unique advantages and prices. The most popular dermal filler is the Restylane® brand. With more than 1.4 million Restylane® treatments reported in 70 countries it is a global best seller. Restylane® provides results that last for as long as six months, with one repeat injection that will extend results to 18 months (Disclaimer: Results may vary). The FDA has given Restylane® an 18-month duration approval time frame. It allows individuals to use the dermal fillers product with a specific application pattern for on-going full-correction within the specified time frame. The added benefit is it cuts cost because there are less follow-up treatments.

Our technician will determine the ideal dermal fillers for each individual. Perlane®, for example, is highly recommended for patients with deep wrinkles.


What Makes Our Rejuvenating Dermal Filler Treatment Unique?

Our Rejuvenating Dermal Filler Treatment is not just about injecting dermal fillers into an individual’s skin. We carefully select the appropriate filler for each person and we rejuvenate your facial appearance and provide you with beautiful, firm and younger-looking skin (Disclaimer: Results may vary).

Our Rejuvenating Dermal Filler Treatment is a personalized procedure that will add volume and fullness to your facial appearance, enhance your cheeks, improve the appearance of your nasal folds, lessen fine lines and wrinkles, as well as augment your lips. Look years younger with Our Rejuvenating Dermal Filler Treatment (Disclaimer: Results may vary).

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