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REVITALIZING HYDRA FORMULA $179 or $150 w/ membership

Revitalizing Hydra Formula will provide all the basic and necessary components that a healthy body needs from an IV vitamin hydration fluid therapy. This package provides hydration for cells, vitamins to help nourish tissues, anti-inflammatory pain medicine to help the body recover from damage, as well as anti-reflux and anti-nausea medications to keep individuals mentally focused. Vibrant Rejuvenation has added components to this treatment that will help re-energize the body and boost the immune system to fight stress and maintain peak body condition. This package is ideal for those who want to hydrate and revitalize their tired body and give new life to their skin.

HIGH-INTENSITY ATHLETIC SYSTEM $199 or $170 w/ membership

Specifically formulated to re-awaken athletic abilities, the High-Intensity Athletic System provides select ingredients that can optimize performance, energize muscles and prepare the body for new challenges. The system provides exactly what high-intensity athletes need, fluids for optimum body hydration, vitamins as well as amino acids that fuel and energize the muscles. In addition, its antioxidants that help unleash the body’s full potential and anti-inflammatory agents that minimize stress and strain as well as speed up recovery. It also provides a dose of Vitamin B-12 to enhance athletic performance and endurance. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)

SKIN HEALTH $189 or $160 w/ membership

Give life to the dull, and smooth away dry skin, blemishes, wrinkles and promote the glow of healthy hair. Hydrate the skin from inside out, reduce acne flare up, get the natural glow with the blend of vitamin C and antioxidants. This IV vitamin hydration therapy provides individuals with a high dose of powerful vitamins that can help revitalize your skin and remove the visible signs of everyday stress and damage. This beauty therapy also contains fluids for hydration; vitamin B will help awaken skin cells and make skin softer and supple than ever. The Infused Rejuvenating Therapy is perfect for helping skin recover from stress and strain caused by long work hours or prolonged exposure to the elements. It will slow down or eliminate the different signs of premature skin aging. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)

SLIM SHAPE FAT BURNER $189 or $160 w/ membership

The Slim Shape Fat Burner is our ultimate fat burning system that will help an individual to lose weight through a multi-pronged approach. With the use of fluids, vitamins, Lipotropic B and other complexes, this IV vitamin hydration product help increase your metabolism and boost your body’s ability to burn calories. This benefits not only weight watchers but those who want to maintain a lean physique or for those who want to stay healthy. This product can also provide faster, more noticeable results when it is used in conjunction with weight loss and exercise regimens. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)


Overindulgence does have seriously painful side effects due to excessive alcohol consumption. Drinking too much alcohol can cause different problems within the body, the least of which is dehydration. When a body is dehydrated, you will not be able to eliminate the alcohol and the toxins inside you, this triggers body aches and nausea, as well as a bad hangover. The IV Hangover Remedy replaces lost fluids. It contains vitamins, medications as well as oxygen that allow the body to recover from the effects of alcohol. This IV package is ideal for those who don’t want to suffer another minute from their hangover and it is perfect for those who want to get back on their feet in no time. Our Hangover Remedy is available without the oxygen component at a lower price. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)

JET LAG AWAY $189 or $160 w/ membership

The IV Revitalizing Treatment is an essential intravenous package for weary travelers and over-fatigued individuals. This treatment is specifically designed to speed up recovery from Jetlag and stress that will oftentimes cause downtime. Our IV vitamin hydration fluid formula selected medications, Vitamin B-12 and other select components in the IV Revitalizing Treatment will revitalize the body and speed up the natural recovery making an individual feel better. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)

CURATIVE IV THERAPY $225 or $199 w/ membership

Now there is help for those who push their bodies too hard or who cannot afford to stay home to nurse a cold or flu. Our Curative IV Therapy, our proprietary formula that is composed of fluids, medication and vitamins will speed recovery from colds, flu, and food poisoning because the therapy is specifically formulated to address these health conditions. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)

MYERS COCKTAIL $199 or $ 170 w/ membership

The drip that started it all! Boost your energy and make up for nutritional deficiencies.A mixture of vitamins and minerals, the Myers’ Cocktail was developed by John Myers and is commonly used to enhance the immune system, treat chronic fatigue, assist with allergies and reduce symptoms of Fibromyalgia. B Complex | B5 | B6 | Vitamin C | Magnesium | Zinc | Calcium (Disclaimer: Results may vary)

THE BATTERY PACK $189 or $160 w/ membership

Drained and running low on energy? Our vitamin C and vitamin B complex cocktail can reenergize and renew. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)

IMMUNE SHIELD $199 or $170 w/ membership

Prevent or recover faster from cold and flu symptoms, beat common colds and flu with a high dose of Vitamin C to help boost immune defenses. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)

MONTHLY RELIEF $179 or $150 w/ membership

One of the best pick-me-up formulas. for a targeting mood elevation, improve energy and pain control for PMS. B Complex | Magnesium | Toradol. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)

UNLEASH THE BEAST /SPORTS $199 or $170 w/ membership

Ideal for both high-performance athletes and weekend warriors alike, it is chock-full of electrolytes, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory agents so you can stay on the go. B Complex | Calcium | Magnesium | Glutathione (Disclaimer: Results may vary)

GLUTATHIONE DRIP $189 or $160 w/ membership

Glutathione has outstanding and far-reaching benefits for health, beauty, and longevity. It has been widely studied and is known as “the master of all antioxidants.”

Glutathione has been shown to lighten skin tone. How? Glutathione binds to the enzyme responsible for melanin production and reduces activity. In addition, GSH reduces free radical activity throughout the body which further prevents activation of melanin-producing enzymes.

Glutathione not only lightens the skin, it helps minimize and prevent dark marks, scars and age spots. Glutathione also detoxifies the liver, which results in brighter, clearer skin.(Disclaimer: Results may vary)

MIGRAINE THERAPY $189 or $160 w/ membership

Receive the same therapy provided in the ER, with the added benefits of B vitamins that improve associated fatigue and nausea.(Disclaimer: Results may vary)

BASIC HYDRATION $99 or $89 w/ membership

IV drip designed just for basic hydration. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)

BASIC HYDRATION + $179 or $150 w/ membership

Specifically suited for your own needs, our basic hydration with a little boost. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)

BUYER’S CHOICE $99 0r $89 w/ membership

Specifically suited for your own needs, our customized concoction can help you hit the spot. | Plus add-ons charge. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)


$50 GLUTATHIONE     $35 VITAMIN C     $35 MAGNESIUM     $40 B12     $35 CALCIUM     $35 ZINC     $35 PEPCID

$40 TORADOL                         $35 ZOFRAN                  $35 BIOTIN                        $40 COQ10    $40 VITAMIN B1

 $40 VITAMIN B2                    $40 VITAMIN B3          $40 VITAMIN B5              $40 VITAMIN B6


 $40 VITAMIN D     $40 FOLIC


Vibrant Rejuvenation offers our IV hydration services and other treatments with the same level of expert care at your home, workplace, hotel or other designated areas. Our experienced, accredited and skilled technicians will administer the benefits of these treatments in a comfortable setting chosen by the individual. This is a time-saving service for busy individuals and gives those who are home-bound the opportunity to feel and look more vibrant. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)

Vibrant Rejuvenation medical spa supplies the healthy components a body needs from an IV vitamin hydration therapy at home or office for health or hangover.

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